Flowcon fl2000 manual

Flowcon manual

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FlowCon International. Remove actuator cover and DISCONNECT POWER. For re-adjustment, simply disconnect power from the. Fit the manual over-ride key (FlowCon No.

Easily swap between hands-free motion sensing mode or the option to use it as a traditional manual faucet. Automatic & Pressure Independent Valves are the cost effective option over Manual Balance Valves. Note 5: Above values are related to maximum flow rate setting of the valve and thereby defining the flow through the valve at maximum control signal, normally 10V. 2 Supply voltage: 24V AC/DC ±10%, 50/60 Hz Type: Electrical, Bi-directional synchronous motor Power consumption: 5VA Control signal: Analog 0(2)-10V DC Feedback: Yes, 0(2)-10V DC Failsafe function: No. Press the clutch. DYNAMIC BALANCING VALVE WITH ACCESSIBLE PRE-SET CARTRIDGE FlowCon flowcon fl2000 manual K 15-80mm - 2 - Accuracy ±5% l/sec l/hr GPM Type 1 Type 2 Type 4 TypekPaD 22-210 kPaD 40-390 kPaD 90-880 kPaD 0.

FLOWCOM Flow Instruments has been success-fully producing flow measuring systems for media such as CO 2 or air gases since 1981, and also in. FlowCon International assumes no responsibility for mistakes, if any, in any printed material. de manual FlowCon B - Manual Installation Operation Commissioning Thanks for buying this RESOL product. Consequently, pressure drop fluctuations across the FlowCon SM will not affect the set flow through the valve.

The flow rate for the application is selected and FlowCon ® does the rest, eliminating time consuming and costly manual balancing. , incorporated by well experienced professionals from mechanical background for mechanical services especially on all types of valves & pumps, machining & replacement of parts, supply of spares, installation, testing & commissioning for marine tanker vessels, petrochemicals, power plants, process plants, refineries, oil & gas offshore platforms and other land based. The Kuhner FlowCon has been developed for the R&D environment and the initial production steps in bioreactors with disposable bags. FlowCon Composite Inserts FlowCon E-JUST InsertsFlowCon International assumes no responsibility for mistakes, if any, in any printed material. FlowCon SM can be set to limit the maximum design flow. Tech note · april · www. possible to configure the flow processor without.

0 device controller, USB 3. 0 transceiver, and a VGA (D-Sub) DAC. 2 but since the setting is stepless any flow rate in between will be obtainable. Failure to disconnect power may cause damage to the actuator gears. The FlowCon SM valve is a dynamic control valve which means the valve automatically keeps a constant differential pressure flowcon across the internal controlling orifice of the valve. 5252 East 36th Street N.

The high performance video DAC. Fresco Logic’s display transfer engine is designed with Fresco Logic’s proprietary architecture and processes the video stream optimally for USB 3. The FlowCon Energy FIT Systems are the world’s first pressure independent temperature valve with built-in BTU meter. Disruptive factors, such as constriction of cooling ducts or fluctuations in pressure are detected and the flow is controlled proportionally using stepper motors instead of the old manual regulating valves. The LC-Display allows for and useful commands only.

com Page 1 of 6 FlowCon Electrical Actuators FlowCon FN Actuators SPECIFICATIONS FlowCon FN. ME, LLC comFlowCon Americas, LLC comFlowCon Int. FLOWCON, F - Series, Slurry Pumps, Horizontal Multistage Pumps, Single Stage, Double Entry, Axially Split Casing Pump.

2 connect the cable before fitting the actuator on to the adaptor ring. The FlowCon SM series of valves are dynamic temperature control valves for use in HVAC applications to flowcon fl2000 manual control the rate of fluid flow to a specific terminal unit or coil. FLOWCOM Flow Instruments has been success-fully producing flow measuring systems for 2media such as CO or air gases since flowcon fl2000 manual 1981, and also in. Tech note · FlowCon K 15-40mm · november Page 4 of 6 40mm · 1 1/2 · stainless steel cartridge Nominal ß ow rate Pressure range, ûP: 10-95 kPaD 1-14 psid 22-210 kPaD 2-32 psid 40-390 kPaD 4-57 psid 90-880 kPaD 8-128 psid l/sec l/hr GPM Type 1 Type 2 Type 4 Type 8 Marking FlowCon Marking FlowCon Marking FlowCon Marking FlowCon. The procedure to manually balance a system is very labor intensive. Find out about our fuel products. The FLDX is Fresco Logic’s USB 3. easy operation because menus and messages can be displayed in different The FLOWCOM LC flowcon fl2000 manual aims at applications languages.

The company focussed on fluid related equipment for various industrial sectors with a large focus on Marine and Road Tanker applications. Flowcon supply a wide range of Flowmeters, Density Meters, Refractometers and other process and inline meters to a range of industries including food processing, engineering and petrochemicals. Box 40788 Houston, Texas 77240 com. The FLOW faucet meets lead-free standards, a 2-function spray head, durable ceramic cartridge, metallic waterway, and an easy wipe clean finish. FlowCon can be permanently installed as a separate display for Flowmax. Tech note · march · www. com Page 1 of 9 Manual Flow Control 65-300 mm / 2 1/2”-12” FlowCon Partner Globe SPECIFICATIONS Static pressure: 1600 kPa / 230 psi. FlowCon SM 2”-10” F eri ue reiii r ie i i rie eri Denmark Dubai USA Singapore www.

Whether stabilizing the pH in cell cultivations with CO 2,or reducing oxygen concentration for microaerophilic organisms the FlowCon gas mixer meets all user needs. Flowcon is a 100% Australian owned company, designing and producing water products based on best quality practices. com FlowCon International A/S comFlowCon Int. Alternatively FlowCon serves as a mobile unit for commissioning or for service to service of flowmax in the field. 3 (standard) Supply voltage: 22-26V AC, 50/60 Hz or 28-32V DC. Flowcon Engineering Pte.

0 Display device controller. Inline ultrasonic Low flow sensor. Valves & Valve Actuators. 4 comes with fixed cable and can be fitted im-mediately onto the adaptor ring (p). *48002540*Read this manual carefully to get the best perfomance from this unit.

Due to its PEEK construction and its resistance to temperature the sensor is particularly suitable for applications where strict hygiene is required. Asia office comFlowCon International can accept no responsibility for possible errors in any printed material. The FLOWCON plus achieves permanent monitoring of the amount of fluid passing through a cooling duct, which gives it a decisive advantage. 9201 Fairbanks N. With the actuator mounted, the pre-setting is sealed and the FlowCon Green insert eliminates any flow above the design flow. without a manual. main feature of the Flowcom is its user-This minimizes user errors by offering clear friendly and intuitive operation.

Manual over-ride operation. The FlowCon Energy FIT System is complete with the introduction of the FIT-G - take advantage of the full range covering DN/2”-10”) and max. com Page 4 of 7 Accuracy: Greatest of either ±5% of controlled flow rate or ±2% of maximum flow rate. FlowCon is an external display- and programming unit for use in combination with Flowmax ultrasonic flowmeters. Our product range includes the new patented “Conconect”, the first fitting ever designed for the Stormwater industry to solve the longstanding problem of connecting UPVC and PVC products in general, to reinforced and non reinforced concrete fl2000 pipe and structures. Whether the application is air conditioning or heating, terminal unit or branch balancing, constant or modulating flow, the FlowCon ® model K valve is the most accurate yet flexible way of balancing any hydronic. The operated and configured even without a manual. This concept minimizes loading stations for road and railroad user errors by offering clear instructions tanker vehicles.

Tech note · january · www. The FlowCon SM includes an innovative self adjustment feature which enables each valve to be continuously self balancing. Neptronic is a trusted manufacturer of HVAC products recognized worldwide: Humidifiers, Heaters, HVAC controls, Actuators, Actuated Valves. Denmark Dubai USA Singapore www. com Page 1 of 5 FlowCon Electrical Actuators FlowCon SM Actuators SPECIFICATIONS FlowCon SM.

For instance, it is instructions. Top. Flowcon&39;s 30+ year history in the petrochemical industry started in Durban, South Africa in 1987. This ultrasonic flow sensor detects small flows of liquids using bidirectional ultrasound measurement.

A click noise will indicate that the actuator is fitted correctly (q). Its expandable input and. Save time and money with Automatic Flow Limiting Valves with Griswold Controls. com - 1 - FlowCon composite inserts mm, 3/4” and 1 1/2” FlowCon E-JUST inserts 20, mm, 3/4”, 1 1/2” and 2” FlowCon adjustment key. The setting is done by means of a special FlowCon key. Tech note · FlowCon SM 2”-10” · august · www.

ACC0001) onto the valve spindle. FlowCon Green - 1 - FlowCon Green 15-40mm Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 6 The FlowCon Green inserts are for use with three different FlowCon valve housings, either: FlowCon A (DN15/20/25), FlowCon AB (DN15/20/25/32) or FlowCon ABV (DN15/20/25/32/40). Install the selected valve housing as called for in the design drawings. Innovative leader in the dynamic balancing market and manufacturer of pressure independent valves and actuators. It integrates Fresco Logic’s display transfer engine, USB 3. Removing the FlowCon FT actuator: Actuators are equipped with a front push button to.

Rotate the manual over-ride key to open or close the valve as required. Instruction Manuals for: Mosquito Control - BK-15, BK-40, BKPV-75A PV-440A MT-125A MT-275A Leaf-Eater Shredders - LE-800B LE-900F design by MivaDesign. Available in polished chrome or nickel.

Flowcon fl2000 manual

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